Special Issue of the Computers & Operations Research Journal

Associated with the EMO sessions at the MCDM'2015 conference is a special issue focusing on the presentation of current state-of-the-art methods in EMO to the Operations Research community. The special issue is about to appear in the Computers & Operations Research journal (COR, impact factor: 1.718). Although associated to the EMO session, we are also welcoming other high quality papers in all theoretical, developmental, implementational, and applied aspects of EMO and decision making. Papers focusing on combining EMO and MCDM methodologies are highly encouraged.

Call for Papers

Special Issue of the Computers & Operations Research journal on
"Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization"

Guest edited by:
Dimo Brockhoff, INRIA Lille - Nord Europe, France
Joshua Knowles, University of Manchester, UK
Boris Naujoks, Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Karthik Sindhya, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

submission deadline:
September 30, 2015

Special Issue Aims and Scope:

Randomized search heuristics such as evolutionary algorithms, differential evolution, and swarm algorithms are prominent approaches to solving difficult multiobjective optimization problems in practice. These methods typically work with a population (or set) of solutions in order to find an approximation of the set of Pareto-efficient or Pareto-optimal solutions (in a single algorithm run). This allows them to provide examples of trade-off solutions to (human) decision makers. All methods are particularly appropriate when the objective functions are of a black-box type (i.e. they are not known analytically) or if other difficulties such as noise, multi-modality, and non-separability are to be handled. The research field of Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization (EMO) encompasses all developments of these randomized, population-based multiobjective optimization algorithms and is currently one of the most active areas in the evolutionary computation field. It is the main goal of this special issue to provide an outlet for state-of-the-art research in EMO of high interest to the operations research community.

In particular, the special issue calls for high-quality contributions related to the field of (evolutionary) multiobjective optimization and is open for papers investigating

Of special interest are:

Potential papers should address the core objectives of Computers & Operations Research. The journal encourages full-length research papers that demonstrate constructive algorithmic complexity and extensive numerical experiments. Simple numerical examples are not sufficient: the numerical experiments must have a scientific value of their own, particularly with comparisons to other approaches. In addition to numerical experiments, we seek cutting edge developments, concepts, practices, and research opportunities in all theoretical, implementational, and applied aspects of EMO and multi-criteria decision making (MCDM). Papers focusing on combining EMO and MCDM methodologies are highly encouraged. All papers will be reviewed according to the standards of Computers & Operations Research.

Manuscripts should be submitted not later than September 30, 2015 and should conform to the Computers & Operations Research journal format (see the Computers & Operations Research web page for author guidelines). Please submit your article via the online submission system and select "Special Issue: EMO" when it prompts to indicate the "Article Type" in the submission.

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